Best Places to Play Uno

There are many places you can find to play Uno other than buying a deck and playing at home. The internet, mobile community, and gaming systems offer a variety of choices that it would be almost impossible for you not to be able to find one you like. You can play for free online, download a especially cheap app on your phone or buy Uno also on a gaming system for a reduced price.

Gaming Systems

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is able to play Uno 52 which is a variation of Uno. You discard your cards just like in the original game, but the gameplay runs like poker. This means, after each hand, the player with no cards left shares his/her winnings with the best poker hand. This game is easy to understand for kids, and it is also a good travel game.

Playstation Network

On the Playstation Network you are able to create an avatar that can react emotionally, depending on the current gameplay going on. You are also able to enforce different rule sets and specific parameters along with being able to play with anyone from around the world. Playstation has different trophies you can achieve with each game they come out with. It’s more of a personal best and a comparison with your friends more than anything since there is no real use of the trophies.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live has solid four player online support where you can join and leave a game at anytime and a computer stepping in to take over for real players that have left the game. They offer a good amount of rule customization and gives you the option to tweak several different variables. Competition sets in as the scoring system lets a game of Uno go on for multiple rounds and allowing a ranked competition mode. Xbox also has achievements like Playstation’s trophies. Again, they serve no real purpose other than a personal best or comparison with your friends.


Facebook : The Uno game on Facebook is rated the top ten for card games on the games dashboard. It has attractive graphics, speedy gameplay and a large community. Easy interactive is available with player to player score comparisons, the ability to send animated gifts to other players, the ability to start games with friends and a chat feature.

Gamehouse : This game has a review of 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can either play a single hand or a full game. The board changes colors when the discard pile does and the cards are easy to mouse over. When you click on a card to play it, a button pops up over the top of the card that you have to click to be able to play it. This allows you to be sure that you are not playing another card accidentally. The game automatically passes you if you have to draw a card and still have nothing to play and when a command card is played, there is a larger image in the middle of the screen to make sure you have seen it. A button warns you to call Uno when you have two cards left, but be sure to press the button before you lay your second to last card down. Also, if someone doesn’t call Uno, there’s a button by their portrait that you can click to challenge them.

Gamehouse Uno Undercover : The point of the game is to help Felicia Blue, an undercover secret agent posing as a professional Uno player, battle other spies and win the world championship. There are a series of missions which you go through by playing Uno against interesting characters with their own styles of play and these matches are held in lovely venues. There is a quick play mode so that you can get a quick game within beautiful settings. Uno Undercover is an easy game with a long story line with the board not changing colors but has themed backgrounds instead.

Download Free Games : This site is also for Uno Undercover but you cannot play online as the game is only available through download. Pros: Easy concept and gameplay, fun theme and semi-interesting storyline, ability to change clothes and buy new items, two different modes of play to add variety. Cons: The graphics aren’t too good, the storyline and characters can come off a little cheesy, and sometimes it feels as though there is no direction or point to the gameplay as it jumps around from time to time.

MSN : You can jump into a quick match game and they will find players for you and you have the ability to play with other people or the computer. Two mods let you with play in a rated game or a more casual standard game. The game keeps stats for you and it can only be played with Internet Explorer version 7 or later or Windows XP or later. If neither one is available, the game has to be downloaded.

Shockwave : This version on Shockwave is Uno Undercover. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. The game seems too run a little slow and may be a little short but it feels as if you win every time.

Games : This version on Games is Uno Undercover. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. There is a dressing room available for changing your avatars appearance and clothing but there is only a female character. You need to download the game to be able to see the full version.

Marapets : This version of Uno is more for children. The opponents are animals and the deck has animals on the cards. The game is very simple with simple graphics. Sometimes it is hard to tell what color is changed with a Wild card and if you have to draw a card, the game will not let you play a card that you draw if it is playable. You also cannot play a different color Reverse card on one that has already been played.



With the Uno iPhone app you can customize your game with 9 different rules to play it your way, including 7-0 and Jump-in. Multi-player (hot seat, local wireless, and online) mode lets you play online with your friends through a Wi-Fi connection. Prizes can be won by winning increasingly difficult games in the tournament mode. Gameplay is easy because everything is done via touch screen.


The iPad app allows unique multi-player mode with up to 3 players playing through a single device or remotely connected via Wi Fi. You can always play 24/7 with people from all over the world. You can also customize your game, such as the rules, and learn to play Uno 7-0, Uno challenge, and Jump-in. In tournament mode, the challenges get harder and harder but you can win prizes that enable you to unlock up to 8 colorful deck themes.


The Android app allows you to customize your game with varied rules including 7-0 and Jump-in. You can play online 24/7 with Wi-Fi or locally with your friends. Gameplay is easy as you simply drag and drop cards using your finger on the screen. The game has increasingly hard challenges in tournament mode with the addition of nice graphics and entertaining sound effects.

As said before, there are many places to play Uno, even varied versions of it. You can try Uno on a gaming system, online, or a mobile app. If you feel you need the ultimate Uno experience you can play the game in all three ways!

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