Uno H2O Rules


Uno H2OUno H2O is a fun, waterproof version of Uno. This particular version is recommended for ages 7 and older and can accommodate 2 to 10 players. Uno H2O has durable plastic cards that can resist water and dirt. This feature is convenient to those who love to play outdoors. They are laminated and they don’t bend easy. You can easily play by the pool or even inside it.

Contents: 108 clear cards, instructions, and a waterproof carrying case


The rules for the game are similar to the original Uno, with the main difference being the Wild Downpour cards, which are the Wild Downpour 1 and Wild Downpour 2 cards. When played, everyone needs to draw 1 or 2 cards. The color of the Wild Downpour card sets the new color for the subsequent flow of the game too.

  • Each player is dealt 7 cards
  • A Draw pile is created from the remaining cards by piling them in a stack. Just like in the original Uno game, the cards are placed face down.
  • The first player will then have to turn over the first card laying face down, and place it face up next to the Draw pile. This new pile is called the Discard pile.
  • The game usually starts with the first person to the left of the dealer. That person must match his/her card with the face up card from the Discard pile. Cards with the same number or color would be considered as a match. If the player cannot match the card with the ones in his/her hand, they will need to draw a card from the Draw pile, and then it goes on to the next player.
  • Repeat for all players, in a clockwise direction, starting from the dealer.
  • The winner of the game is the first player to attain 500 points, with the points gained from the cards remaining in the hands of the opponents. The scoring system is different for each card type.
  • Cards with numbers are worth their face value, while the Draw Two, Wild Downpour 1 and 2, Skip, and Reverse cards are worth 20 points each. Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards are worth 50 points each.

There are two new cards included with Uno H2O – Wild Downpour 1 and Wild Downpour 2. These cards are a fun new addition to Uno as all the players have to draw cards. When a player discards one or the other, all players will be required to take one or two cards from the Draw pile. The player discarding the card also determines the new color.

Uno H2O cards are fun to play with as they are “see through” in a way and they are easy to clean up after a child with sticky fingers has played with them. They are easier to shuffle, although they might be a little slippery and something to get used to. Plus there are many, many places you can take them with.

There is also Uno H2O to Go that makes bringing the game everywhere you go even easier. It comes with a clip that goes through all the cards holding them together. You can then clip it to your backpack, camping gear, purse, bags or even your belt loop.

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