Uno Mod Rules

uno modAre you a frequent traveler who likes Uno? If so, you’ll love Uno Mod. Uno Mod is a variant of Uno with a sleek and robust casing that makes it easy to be taken along for your travels and vacations. The stylish case is designed with a sliding tray that conveniently stores all your cards, while the plastic exterior is thick and solid, providing much needed protection for the cards.

Uno Mod has 112 cards, and is meant for 2-10 players. The objective of the game is to shed all the cards in your hand, and be the first to reach 500 points.

Uno Mod Action cards

Uno Mod has all the Action/Symbol cards from original Uno, so for the functions of these cards, please refer to the original Uno page. However, it also has its own special Action card, which is the Mod Card.

The Mod Card is like a special kind of Wild card, because it allows you to announce what color cards you want to give away, and then you can give away all the cards of that color to the others, starting with the person on your left and moving in a clockwise direction. Give each person ONE card each, until you run out of that color. If this is the first card turned up at the start of the game for the Discard Pile, disregard it; the first player merely treats it like a normal Wild card and chooses what color to continue.

uno mod action cards

Uno Mod Action cards. From Left to Right (Wild Draw 4, Reverse, Mod Card, Draw Two, Wild, Skip).


In terms of gameplay, everything is the same as in the original Uno. First, choose a dealer who deals 7 cards to all the players. The remaining cards are turned face down to form a Draw Pile, and then the first card is turned over to form a new Discard Pile. The player on the dealer’s left goes first, and tries to match the topmost card in the Discard Pile, either by color, number, or symbol (Action card). Play goes in a clockwise direction by default, but can be changed with a Reverse card at any moment.

If you have a card that matches, you can put it down on the Discard Pile (or choose not to play anything). You can also play a Wild Card to change the color (if you have one). Otherwise, you are compelled to draw a card from the Draw Pile. If that card is a match, you can also then play it, otherwise play moves on to the next player in turn.

Winning the game

uno mod caseTo win a round (not the game), you must shed all your cards before the others do. The moment you are left with one card, you need to yell “Uno”, otherwise if caught before the next player’s turn, you must draw two cards. The moment a player gets rid of all his/her cards, the round is over. Points are scored from totaling the points of the cards in all the other player’s hands, as follows:

  • All numbered cards – The face value
  • Draw Two/Reverse/Skip – 20 points each
  • Wild/Wild Draw Four/Mod – 50 points each

The winner of the game is the first person to score 500 points. You can also adjust this figure you like (e.g. 300 points), as long as everyone agrees on it.

Alternative gameplay

As with other Uno versions, Mattel has proposed an alternative way to play Uno Mod, which is to keep count of all the player’s scores at the end of every round. Once someone hits 500 points, the person with the lowest score becomes the winner instead.

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