Uno Dice Rules

uno dice

Uno Dice is an Uno variation that is both fun and easy to play. Instead of cards, you have 11 dice, and a tin can resembling a soft drink, but with your favorite Uno theme all over it.

This Uno version is only meant for two players, but the pace is quite fast and it’s great for travel. In common with all Uno games, the objective is to get rid of all your dice before your opponent does (and get to 200 points).

The Dice Line

In Uno Dice, the Dice Line is the “Draw Pile” and all dice are taken or added to this line. The line can be formed horizontally (top to bottom) or vertically (left to right) with the last die in the line being the one to match during play (bottommost die/rightmost die).

There must always be at least one die in the Dice Line. For example, if you play a Draw Two and there are only two dice in the Dice Line, your opponent can only take one die.

If there is only one die in the Dice Line and no match, the player must re-roll his/her dice ONCE. If still no match, his/her turn is skipped. Remember, anytime you draw a die from the Dice Line, you must roll your dice ONCE, and if you have a matching die, you can play it on that turn. But if you need to draw because of a Draw One/Two, then you cannot play anything after your roll.

The Action Dice functions

uno dice action symbolsBesides the color and number faces on the dice, there are also the Action symbols such as:

  • Draw One: If played, the other player must take one die from the back of the Dice Line, roll all their dice, and miss a turn. This die can only be played if the last die in the Dice Line is a matching color, or another Draw One.
  • Draw Two: The function is the same as the Draw One, except the opponent needs to take 2 dice now.
  • Wild: If played, you get to choose/change the color to continue play

dice lines

Starting the Game

To see who starts first, you can roll a die, and the person with the highest roll number starts first. You can ignore the symbols or regard them as zero.

Each player first takes 5 dice a person each, out of the original 11, which of course leaves one starter die to start the game with. Each player rolls their 5 dice once in full view, and then someone also needs to roll the starter die until a number is shown (ignore the symbols/actions). Place that die in the center of the playing area face up.

Now, the first player needs to match one of his 5 dice with the starting single die that was rolled, either by color or number. If he/she has a match, that die needs to be set next to the starter die to create a Dice Line (see above).

If there is no match, you can also play a Wild die. Otherwise, you must take the last die from the Dice Line and roll your dice again. If you get a match, play it. Otherwise, the turn passes to your opponent.

uno dice tin canDon’t forget to say “Uno” out loud!

When you are about to be left with one die, you need to yell “Uno” aloud. Failing that and you get caught, you must take two dice from the Dice Line and roll your dice again. If there is only one die in the Dice Line, you must then take one die from your opponent.

Scoring and winning

All numbered dice – Face value. Draw One/Draw Two – 20 points. Wild – 50 points. The Winner is the player who scores 200 points first from his opponent’s dice in hand values, at the end of each round. Alternatively, you can also pick the winner from the player with the best score after 3 (or more) rounds.

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