Uno Minecraft Rules

uno minecraftLove Uno and Minecraft? How about playing Uno with a special Minecraft theme? Check out this Uno edition called Uno Minecraft. Created in collaboration with Mojang (the publishers of the game), Uno Minecraft has specially designed cards that display characters unique to Minecraft as well as its own unique Action card – the Creeper card.

Minecraft itself is a highly popular video game, first published by Swedish game developer Markus Persson through his company, Mojang in 2011, and subsequently bought over by Microsoft later on. Since its release, Minecraft has been played by people from all around the world just like Uno, and now we get to play the Minecraft version of Uno!

Well, how different is Uno Minecraft from the standard Uno? Read on to find out.

Starting Up

Uno Minecraft has 112 cards in total, which is a bit more than the usual. 2-10 players may take part in the game. The goal of the game is to discard all your cards before the other players do, and to accumulate a score of 500 points (or a number that everyone is ok with).

Before starting, select a dealer by having each player draw a card from the deck. The one with the highest number (Action cards count as zero) will become the dealer.

The dealer will then give the cards a good shuffle, and deal out 7 cards to each player. The remaining cards become the Draw pile, and the deck is placed face down. The top card is turned over to form the Discard pile and the game will now begin. If that first card is an Action card, refer below on what to do.


The first player to kick things off is usually the player beside the dealer’s left. That player begins by matching his or her cards in hand with the card on the Discard pile through color, number, or symbol (for Action cards). For example, if the card on the Discard pile is a blue 3, then the player needs to have either a blue card, or a number 3 card (of any color) to put down on top of that card in the Discard pile. A blue Action card can be played as well. If there is no suitable card, that player needs to draw a new card from the Draw pile, and that card can be played if it’s a match.

It is important to note that you do not have to play any card at all, even if you do have a match. But in that event, you must draw a new card from the Draw pile (as stated above). You do not have to play that drawn card, even if it’s playable. Once you have drawn or discarded/played a card, your turn is over, and it is the next player’s turn to play. In this manner, play proceeds along a clockwise direction, unless changed by a Reverse card.

The goal of every player is to discard all their cards before anyone else, and the general strategy is to impede or slow down other players from doing so.

Action cards

The Action cards are what makes Uno fun, and they are usually used to slow down other players from discarding their cards. Uno would be boring if all the cards were just colored cards with a number, so let’s look at the functions of these Action cards.

uno minecraft action cards

From left to right: Wild card, Wild Draw Four card, Skip card, Draw Two card, and Reverse card.

Skip card – This card can only be played on a card of similar color or symbol (another Skip). When you play this card, the next player loses their turn, and play moves on to the following player, who must then match your Skip card with a card of the same color, or another Skip card. If turned up at the start of the game, the first player becomes “skipped” and loses his/her turn.

Reverse card – This card can only be played on a card of similar color or symbol (another Reverse). When you play this card, the direction of play reverses. Clockwise to counter-clockwise (and vice versa). If turned up at the start of play, the first player on the dealer’s left who is supposed to play first, misses their turn and the dealer goes first. Play then continues in a counter clockwise fashion until the direction is changed again with another Reverse.

Draw Two card – This card can only be played on a same color card or another Draw Two card. When you play this card, the next player must draw two cards from the Draw pile and miss their turn. If turned up at the start of play, the first player must draw two cards and skip their turn.

Wild card – This card can be played in place of any color, and you get to pick any color you would like the Wild card to represent. You can play the Wild card even though you have other playable cards. Likewise, if you don’t have any playable card except for a Wild card, you may use it instead. If turned up at the start of play, the first player chooses what color the Wild card will represent, and play continues with that color.

uno minecraft creeper card

Uno Minecraft Creeper card

Wild Draw 4 card – This card can be played in place of any color just like a Wild card, but there is a caveat. You are not “supposed” to play this card if you have other cards of the same color as the card on the Discard pile. When played legally, the next player must draw 4 cards from the Draw pile and skip their turn. If played illegally, and the next player suspects so, he or she can challenge you to show your hand. If it is proven that you played this card illegally, you must draw 4 cards instead as a penalty. But if the challenger is wrong, the challenger needs to draw 6 cards instead. If turned up at the start of play, return it to the deck, shuffle it, and turn up another card instead.

Creeper card – This card is the unique card for Uno Minecraft. It is considered as a Wild card too, and functions as one. But its function is a little weird. If you draw this card from the Draw pile, you must inform all the other players by showing it to them. After that, you must draw 3 cards from the Draw pile. If one of these cards is also a Creeper card, then you must not show it to anyone – use it as a typical Wild card (use it in place of any color and/or change the color of play). If you already have a Creeper card as one of the initial 7 cards when the game begins, treat it as a Wild card too. If turned up at the start of play, the first player chooses the color to kick off play, just like any normal Wild card.

Don’t forget to say Uno!

When you are about to play your penultimate/second last card, you must yell “Uno” so that the others know that you are about to go out. If you don’t yell “Uno” and someone notices it and catches you before the next player plays anything, you have to draw 2 cards as a penalty.

The round is over when someone discards all their cards. Take note, if that last card played is a Draw Two or Draw Four, the next player must still draw those cards even though the game has ended.

Points are scored as per the scoring system below, by adding up all the card values from the other players.

  • All number cards (0-9) – Face value
  • Draw 2/Reverse/Skip – 20 points each
  • Wild/Wild Draw 4 – 50 points each
  • Creeper – 50 points each

The general rule of thumb is to play as many rounds as needed in order to score 500 points, but this is not set in stone, and you can change it to whatever figure you desire, as long as the others agree. The first player to hit 500 points or more is declared the winner.

uno minecraft cards

Uno Minecraft cards

Alternative Scoring System

An alternative scoring system proposed by Mattel is to keep a running tally of the points for each player at the end of every round. When someone hits 500 points, the player with the lowest points is the winner instead.

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