Uno All Wild Rules

uno all wild rules

Uno All Wild is a pretty new addition to the Uno family, and promises loads of fun in the form of an all-Wild card deck that has nothing but Wild cards! That’s right; all the cards in this Uno version are Wild cards of some kind or another. The rules are rather different in this game compared to other Uno versions; here we walk you through all the Uno All Wild rules, step by step.

A deck of Uno All Wild comes in a sturdy tin box and has 112 cards altogether. Like all Uno games, the objective is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand. And of course, don’t forget to yell out “Uno!” when you are down to your last card. 2-10 players may play the game during each session.

The Cards

Since all the cards in Uno All Wild are “Wild cards”, the original Wild card (featuring just the 4 colors on the face) becomes the only non-Action card, while the rest are all Wild Action cards. This is different from other Uno games, where the standard Wild card is also one of the Action cards, but then again, those have normal numbered cards in their decks while this game does not.

uno all wild cards

Left to Right: Wild card, Wild Draw Four, Wild Draw Two, Wild Reverse, and Wild Skip.


Here’s a description of all the cards in Uno All Wild:

Wild card – This card makes up the majority of the cards in Uno All Wild. These traditional Wild cards found in all other Uno versions, but here in Uno All Wild, they are just a standard card that you can put down each time your turn comes along. You can call out a color if you want to just for fun, since colors don’t matter in Uno All Wild. It is the only card that is NOT an Action card here, since it does not force any action. The rest of the cards below are the Wild Action cards.

Wild Skip – When you play this card, the next player misses their turn.

Wild Skip Two – When you play this card, the next 2 players miss their turns. If there are only 2 players, this means your opponent misses 2 turns while you get 2 consecutive turns.

Wild Reverse – Reverses the direction of play when it is played. Clockwise becomes anti-clockwise, and vice versa.

Wild Draw Two – When you play this card, the next player needs to draw to cards and skips their turn.

Wild Targeted Draw Two – You can choose someone to target when you play this card. That player needs to draw 2 cards. But they don’t have to skip their turn.

Wild Draw Four – This is similar to the traditional Wild Draw Four card from other Uno versions, but since colors do not matter in Uno All Wild, you can play this on any turn of yours. When played, the next player needs to draw 4 cards and skip their turn.

Wild Forced Swap – When you play this card, you have to choose another player to swap your cards with. You take their cards and they take yours. So if you swap hands with someone who has only one card in hand, you have to yell “Uno!” This applies to both players even if both of you have only one card left and you swapped cards.

uno all wild cards

Left to Right: Wild Targeted Draw Two, Wild Skip Two, and Wild Forced Swap.

Starting up

Ready to start playing? Choose a dealer who will deal 7 cards to each player. Since there are no numbered cards in Uno All Wild, it’s fine to just pick someone willing. The dealer will shuffle the cards and begin handing out 7 cards to each player. The remainder of the deck is now placed face-down to form the Draw pile.

Now turn over the top card of the Draw pile to create the Discard pile. Unlike other Uno games, if the first card is a Wild Action card, just ignore the action for this first time. Now the game begins.


The first player to start is normally the player to the left of the dealer and the turns proceed in a clockwise direction. Each player simply puts down a card from their hand. The good news is there is NO need to match any numbers or colors; it’s that simple!

If the card being played is a Wild Action card, please refer to the cards section above on what action to take. Once a player is down to 1 card in hand, they have to yell “Uno!” If that player forgets, and someone calls them out to it before the next player has taken their turn, that player must draw 2 cards as penalty.

uno all wild cards

Uno All Wild rules are somewhat simplified if compared to other Uno versions, but the game is no less fun.

Scoring (Alternative Method)

Uno All Wild is a simplified version of Uno. When someone manages to get rid of all their cards first, they are declared the winner. But if everyone wants to play a number of rounds and take points into account, that is possible too. At the end of the rounds, the person with the highest score is declared the winner. A suggested score target given by Mattel is 500 points (first person to achieve 500 points is the winner).

How does one score points in this alternative method of winning? Points are scored based on tallying the cards remaining in every other player’s hands aside from the winner of the round. Keep a running tally of the points won by the winner of the round until someone hits 500 points.

Here is how the scoring works:

Wild cards – 20 points | Any other Wild Action card – 50 points


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