Uno Jurassic World Rules

uno jurassic world rules

If you love playing Uno and dinosaurs, then you’ll probably like Uno Jurassic World. Based on the Jurassic Park/World movie franchise, the game has all kinds of prehistoric animal illustrations on the card backs, so that your every Uno move can be accompanied by a roaring dinosaur. If you want to play Uno with a prehistoric flavor, then this is the game for you! Learn the Uno Jurassic World rules, including how to play the game, below.

Contents in the Box

Each box contains 112 cards, and 2-10 players may take part in a game. Like normal Uno, the deck has 4 standard colored card groups – red/yellow, blue, and green. While these colors aren’t your typical red, yellow, blue, or green, but all the same, you should still be able to identify each color group. There are also the Action or symbol cards, which we will get into in a moment.

Starting the Game

First things first, give the deck a good shuffle and choose a dealer by getting every player to draw a card. The one with the highest number will become the dealer for the round (Action cards will be treated as zero). The dealer then shuffles the deck again, and deals out 7 cards to each player. The remaining deck will be placed face down to become the Draw pile. The top card is turned up and becomes the first card of the Discard pile. Based on what that card is, the game now begins with the first player typically the one to the left of the dealer. The round then (usually) proceeds in a clock wise direction.


Match the topmost card on the Discard pile with a card in your hand, either by color, number, or symbol (for Action cards). Example: If the Discard pile card is a Yellow 5, then you can match it with either any yellow card, or any colored card with number 5. You can also lay down a Wild card if you have it.

If you don’t have any card that matches the Discard pile card, then you need to draw a card from the Draw pile, and if that card is playable, you may play it. You can also choose not to play anything, even though you have a matching card. The only condition is you must draw a card if you can’t (or don’t want) play anything during your turn.

After your turn is up, play moves on to the next player according to the current game direction.

Action Cards

Action cards are those cards with symbols on them instead of numbers. Here is a rundown of all the Action cards.

uno jurassic world action cards

From left to right: Wild Draw 4, Wild card, Reverse, Skip, and Draw Two.

Reverse card

This card may be played or matched with another card of the same color, or another Reverse card. It changes the direction of the game immediately. For example, if the game was running clockwise, playing this card changes the direction to anti-clockwise. If turned up at the start of the game, the dealer plays first, followed by the player on his/her right (not left), and the direction of play will be anti-clockwise (until another Reverse changes it later).

Skip card

When played, this card forces the next player to lose their turn. You can only play this card to match another Skip or another card with the same color. If turned up at the start of play, the first player will be skipped and the next player plays instead.

Draw Two card

When you play this card, you force the next player to draw 2 cards from the Draw pile and miss their turn. This card can only be played to match another Draw Two, or another card with the same color. If turned up at the start of play, the first player will have to draw 2 cards and get skipped.

Wild card

You can play this card on any of your turns regardless of what the color in play is. It’s a “wild” card, and therefore, it can represent any color. When you play this card, you get to change the color in play, by simply choosing any color you want. If turned up at the start of play, the first player gets to choose what color to start the game.

Wild Draw Four card

This card is similar to the Wild card but additionally, you also force the next player to draw 4 cards and skip their turn. There is a difference too: You can only play it if you don’t have a card of the same color as the one in play. You can choose to play it anyway, but the next player has a right to challenge you to show your hand to them and prove that you played it legally.

If guilty, you have to draw 4 cards instead. But if you prove that you played the Wild Draw Four correctly, the challenger must draw 6 cards instead! If turned up at the start of play, put the card back, shuffle the deck again, and turn up another card.

Owen’s Wild Raptor Squad card

owens wild raptor squad card

Owen’s Wild Raptor Squad card

This card enables you to discard all the raptor cards in your hand regardless of color. What is a raptor card? According to online dictionaries, a “raptor” can mean a small, predatory dinosaur. Raptor cards are those with an image of a Raptor PLUS a Raptor paw print next to the number. This card is also a Wild card, so you get to choose the color to resume play. If turned up at the starting, the first player chooses the color to kick start the game.

Going Out

As with all Uno versions, you must yell “Uno” at the exact moment when you are down to your last card. If not, and someone catches you not saying it, you would have to draw 2 cards as penalty.

The winner for the round is the first person who succeeds in getting rid of all their cards. If your last card played is a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four, then the next player still needs to draw those cards.

Scoring and Winning the Game

The ultimate winner of any Uno game is the first person who scores 500 points or more from the rounds played. This is not a hard and fast rule though. Points are scored by tallying up the card scores from the cards in each player’s hands at the end of the round.

  • All number cards (0-9) – Face value
  • Draw 2/Reverse/Skip – 20 points each
  • Wild/Wild Draw 4 – 50 points each
  • Owen’s Wild Raptor Squad card – 50 points each

uno jurassic world cards

An alternative way to score points that is suggested by Mattel is to keep a running tally of the points each player is left with by the end of each round. When someone hits 500 points, the person with the lowest points is declared the winner instead!

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