Uno Dare Rules

uno dareUno Dare is a variant of Uno that combines the gameplay of original Uno with the fun of challenging or teasing each other to carry out a dare. In this way, it is somewhat similar to Uno Roboto, for you can also customize your own dares before the game begins in the form of “House Rules”.

The game has 108 cards, plus additional 4 Dare List cards, and can be played by 2-10 players. The objective of the game is of course, to get rid of all your cards before any of the other players, and be the first to attain 500 points (or whichever agreed upon number).

The Dare List cards

There are 4 Dare List cards in each deck. Before you start a game, you need to choose which Dare List card you want to use (you can only use one per game). The 4 Dare List cards have different dares themed as:

  • Family
  • Daredevil
  • Show-off
  • House Rules

The “House Rules” card is where you fill in the blanks with your own customized dare rules (if you wish to come up with your own dares).

uno dare list cards

The four Uno Dare List cards with different themes, from left to right (Daredevil, Show-off, Family, and House Rules).

Uno Dare Action cards

Uno Dare has 4 Action cards, which are the Reverse, Skip, Dare, and Wild Dare card. The Reverse and Skip cards have the same functions as the ones in classic Uno, but the Dare and the Wild Dare card are unique to it.

Dares are meant to be FUN, so if you’re creating your own dares, make sure it is agreeable with everyone. All the players can egg on or tease the player who is performing the dare, but at the same time, everyone needs to remember, the dares are optional, and the worst case scenario is drawing 2 more cards!

Dare Card – This card can only be played on any matching color card, or another Dare card. When this card is played, the next player must either draw 2 cards or carry out the dare that is shown on the card. This dare is shown as a #number and to find out what it is, you need to refer to the Dare List cards.

If the player who gets hit by the Dare card chooses to complete the dare in lieu of drawing 2 cards, he/she needs to do the dare successfully, or else draw two cards as the penalty. Likewise, if this card is the first card of the Discard Pile, the first player in turn must then draw 2 cards or do the dare.

Wild Dare Card – This card is similar to the Dare card, in that it forces the next player to either draw 2 cards or perform the dare. In addition, whoever plays this card gets to choose the color of choice to continue play, just as in all “Wild” cards of the Uno series.

uno dare action cards

From left to right (Skip, Dare, Wild Dare, Reverse cards)


Gameplay follows standard Uno rules. Choose a dealer, who then deals out 7 cards to each of the players. The rest of the deck is tuned face down to form the Draw Pile, while the topmost card is turned up and placed faced up to form the Discard Pile.

Typically, the person on the dealer’s left goes first, and then play proceeds in clockwise fashion. All players must match the cards in their hand with the topmost card of the Discard Pile. Cards are matched through color, number, or symbol (Action card). A Wild card can also be played. Wild cards allow the person playing it to change the current color in play.

If a player does not have a matching card in hand, he/she needs to take a card from the Draw Pile. If that drawn card matches the topmost card on the Discard Pile, that player can then play it on that same turn (or choose not to). Play then proceeds with the next player in turn. If you choose NOT to play any card on your turn even though you have a matching card, you would need to draw a card.

Once the Draw Pile is depleted, take the Discard Pile, shuffle it, and turn it over to begin a new Draw Pile, and repeat everything again.

Winning the Game

To end/win a round, you would need to discard all your cards before anyone else, and of course, yell “Uno!” when you are down to your last card. If you fail to yell “Uno” and someone catches you before the next player has put down a card, you have to draw 2 cards.

Point are added up from the remaining cards in your opponent’s hands as follows:

  • Numbered cards (0-9) – Face value
  • Reverse/Skip/Dare – 20 points each
  • Wild Dare – 50 points each

The first player to reach 500 points (or whatever sum everybody agreed upon), is declared the game winner.

Alternate gameplay

An alternative way to play Uno (as suggested by Mattel) is to add up each player’s points at the end of each round. When someone finally reaches 500 points, the person with the lowest points is declared the winner instead.

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