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uno spin

Buried inside your Uno card deck are “special cards.” A swirly like pattern that encircles the numerical value on the card. These , my friends, are the “spin” cards. When a player plays a “spin” card, the next player must spin this wheel. OK “ear plugs please!”
On this board are a series of tasks. When the spinner stops, you need to follow the task instructions. Some tasks are quite pleasant. The “discard all but 2 cards” is a personal favorite. Especially when you have been stuck with half the deck in your hand. Then there are two other favorite spots. The “discard all cards of the same number” and” Discard all of the same color” tasks. This allows for a quick way to weed out your hand.
But all is not sunshine and rainbows. There is the two tasks which are famous for invoking the “I’ll get you!” response. The “pick until you get a BLUE” and the “pick until you get a red” tasks. “YAY! I now have half the deck!” The “war” task allows each player to discard one card at a time. The player with the highest value card gets to discard the cards on the table. There is the “show everyone your cards” task. This one is self explanitory.
Finally there is the “UNO SPIN” task. Ok remember the ear plugs? When the spinner stops on this task the first person to say (USUALLY SCREAM) “uno spin” gets to discard ANY card from their hand. The only glitch is determining “WHO” said (screamed) it first. Be advised this task may also come with flailing limbs and kicking legs. (See “padding” under “what you’ll need”)
As parents of three teenagers, we know the value of an activity that can bring a group like us together as a family. Board game have proven to be a blessing to us. We can all get together and enjoy each other no matter how different our personalities may be. Please enjoy “Family Game Nights” in your home. It makes for great stories!

This is a great adaption of the original Uno game. Uno spin rules are slightly different than the original. The great thing about this version is it is very unpredictable and it is easy to come back from behind.

It looks very similar to the original Uno game at first glance. The object is to leave all opponents with lot of points. One of the main differences is there is a new card included called a spin card. When a player places a spin card, the next player has to spin the wheel. There are positive outcomes as well as negative.

Discard all but 2 cards – You will have to discard all of your cards except for two. This is great for when you have tons of cards!

Discard all cards of the same number – Allows you to dump multi cards with the same number.

Discard all of the same color – Discard all cards of the same color.

Pick until you get a BLUE – Obviously, you continue to pick until a blue card comes up.

Pick until you get a RED – Obviously, you continue to pick until a red card comes up.

War -Lets each player discard one card.

Show everyone your cards – Makes you show your cards to everyone.

Uno Spin – The last first person who yells: “uno spin” gets to discard a card.

Other than this, the rules are the same!

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